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Please accept these meeting minutes.  Thanks to Sandy for taking notes and passing them on.  If there are any mistakes in the translation please let me know.



 September 16th 2009

Meeting -- 7:20PM

executive --Connie and Sandy

members--Jane, Helen, Donna, Brenda, Bronwyn, Jill.

Last minutes approved by Donna


Unfinished Business--


Rally Trial--need to have 2 sanction matches before the show. Not sure about judges yet. Will be set up after 2010 show.

Games night--decided on Rankin Hall and in Dec. Connie looking into booking the hall for a Saturday.

Shed--upper floor reinforcement not as extensive as 1st thought. Not sure about the floor yet -- if raised the door will not fit or solve the frozen door problem. We can change the lock. Work tabled for now.


Cobden Fair--a job well done-- A BIG thank you to Jane for organizing it all.


No seminar info.--Linda absent


No Public Relations report--geo caching, dog park, Petawawa Terrace.


Civic centre hall is available for us every Monday night from 6:30 to 9:30. Obed. classes are running for the 1st hour than open to members for practise except for April 19th. The lounge is ours every third Wednesday for our meetings at 7 pm


Kim Cooper is only available for Nov.14th this fall. Checking available dates for Jan.9th,Feb.14th,Mar.7th and April 2nd. Jane will get in touch with Kim to set this up for sure. The cost is $100 per member.  Please see separate e-mail to come out right after this one!!!

Kim Cooper teaches privates at her place Mon. to Thurs. 12 to 5:530.


Conformation report- Premium list ready for Nov. Show committee meeting to be scheduled. Thur.Oct.1st????


Handling classes prior to show by Chris Pollen if enough interest.


Agility report--no report at this time.


New Business--Santa Parade--need to check with Linda re: receiving infor. and need volunteers to help.

Superdog show at Scotia Place on Oct.3rd. If you wish to go as a group from the club call Brenda at 613-687-4527


Executive Meeting--tentative date--Oct.23rd.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm




Brags: Brenda is getting a new puppy at the end of October  "Indy"

           Sympathy to Helen on the death of their Bouvier "Cinder"

          Congrats to Jane, Ivale and Melanie for wins at the Cobden fair

Jiffy for the shortest legs, Iris for the best trick and best groomed and Tucker for the largest dog


Jennifer Marquardt
Jengar Golden Retrievers