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Champlain Dog Club
Date: October 21, 2009
Location: Petawawa Civic Centre  7:00

Executive present: Sandy and Jen
Attendance: Jane, Jill, Brigitte, Bronwyn, Erin, Melanie, Helen Mick, Ivale and Mike, Ellen,

New visitors checking out the club: Jeff Blackmore, , Faye and Rob Park,

Meeting called to order: 7:07

Minutes from last meeting approved by : Melanie,


Unfinished Business:


Geocatching: Melanie to look into geocatching and perhaps provide a website interested people can look at,


Leash free Park: non member Jennifer Dumas attended a town council meeting and an article appeared in the paper – she will give up an update but the town seemed favourable


Christmas party - December 5th  at the Rankin Hall,  11:00 a.m. some games and activities put on by Bronwyn - lunch at 1:00 then play afterwards: This is to be a potluck, Rsvp to Bronwyn by November 28th, Club going to sponsor the meat and then everyone is to bring something  - Mike has offered to cook a Turkey

Santa Claus Parade Nov 28th – Linda has offered to take on this responsibility.  It is a nativity theme.  Some people who will help: Erin, Jill, Helen, Brigette, any one else who is interested can contact Linda

Obedience: Kim Cooper Obedience Clinic, 21 dogs signed up... Everyone is paid up, Kim is good to go....The first day is 14th Nov. Jane is away and will need someone to take care of Kim. Need the mats there for the 14th, From the hours of 9a.m.-4 p.m., puppies, prenovice, novice, intermediate open and utility,   Should be lots of fun

 Executive meeting held last Friday: We will be Updating the website, and membership booklets – A few members don’t have the red book (Melanie, Ellen, Gwen Giles)

Correspondence: CKC renewal membership e-mail sent out to all ckc members, potential changes to membership costs.

Treasurer’s report: Balance $10 791.85  -3 cheques went out $167.74, CkC 21.88 (still checking to see for what), $500 Diane Edwards show services,

Properties: .Scott not here,

Public Relations: Jennifer Dumas, Publicity binder has been purchased to record all our accomplishments,

Obedience Report: Jill - evaluations handed out 4th week of class,  collected the next week and hope to get some back, registration for next set of classes Nov 2nd - 7:45- to get the next set running before Christmas - list already has 7/8 people,

Conformation: premium lists to go out in Ottawa, Jill still to do the obedience (prize sponsors same as last year)  Some question about Deep River sponsoring HIT, Jill to ask Lois - if any one wants to sponsor a class or a group in either obedience or conformation let Connie know.

Agility: We have had 2 informal getogethers (3 attended each time) agility play session beginner dogs started the foundations program1, depending on the weather may be some more – an e-mail would be sent out

New Business: Library has moved to Jen’s house DVDs to be stored there as well, Linda – do you still have some DVD’s?

Jane: Rally trial at Kim Coopers in Ottawa in January 23, 24,  2 trials CKC Rally-O, Carp and Belleville in March, maybe we could get a group together : Jane and Sandy are going if anyone is interested

Dogwise: New purchases we still have some money left to buy some DVD’s: Obedience DVD, Jill did some research to see what was available - not alot of current DVD’s available, Patty Rouseau would be the most current but that is 10 years ago... Susan Salow - teaching how to jump - any ideas let us know... Two by Two Weaves...another suggestion, Greg Garette –


Some seminars coming up website link -
Therapy Evaluation – held on October 17th 2 Child therapy dogs passed, 5 took the regular therapy test and  4 passed 

Also a reminder that membership renewals are due by the 31st of December.
Any errors or omissions please report to me ASAP

Meeting adjourned: at 7:50 pm.


Jennifer Marquardt
Jengar Golden Retrievers