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Meeting : Petawawa Civic Centre
Date: May 20, 2009
Attendance: Helen, Barb, Bronwyn, Linda
Executive: Connie, Scott, Sandy, Jennifer
Meeting called to order: 7:12
Minutes from last meeting approved by: Sandy
Unfinished Business
: Club fliers are still in progress, Connie will bring in samples when they are ready. Jordan doing them on his own time.
Hotel bill sent to Barb for our records
Treasurer’s report
: We have $12 053.16 and the books are done, bills are all paid. Application for Visa has gone in. Online banking still up in the air.
: Scott – Sandy was up in the shed. Stroller still in shed. We need to get rid of the orange and burgundy standards. Scott to do some clean up this summer. Estimate for getting concrete….4 inches - $ 129.95 sq/yard- $616.00
-the loft needs to be reinforced before we do this,
-to be happening in July – we are going to be voting on it in June. Volunteers will be needed so start working those muscles
Public Relations:
-nothing is new to report
Obedience Report
-Rally-O, talk of class being run in the hall – there seems to be some interest
Possibility – of Wednesday nights, starting in July 1, contact Sandy, non members need to be members
Kelsey’s was upset that banner wasn’t hung up but Scott had gone to get it and was told that there wasn’t one
Connie going to talk to Diana Edwards about a show service. Big difference is that they charge for a motel during show time. Diana needs an advance of $500 when any of the premium list material is forwarded. Connie wants a cheque to give to her ahead of time. Coby was to put in our dates but we haven’t heard back yet. We are going to be competing with Sherbrooke again this year.
No progress on checking out that agility teacher in Renfrew.
New Business:
- New videos purchased Control on Leash, One Jump, and Agility Foundations are at Sandy’s house. Bronwyn has control on leash. They are free to borrow if anyone is interested. We should get a new container to store those with the library…Library to go to Jen whenever Mike would like.
-Show committee elections are next month. Interested members please contact Connie. We are anxious for new fresh opinions.
-Anyone interested in ring stewarding, Connie will hold a seminar with Jim Osborne. Sandy and Helen are interested. Let Connie know if you are interested.
-Civic Centre Days: in June, if anyone is interested is putting something together….due to lack of interest , we are going to focus on the Cobden fair instead.
-Therapeutic Paws of Canada had a seminar in Ottawa with various speakers. Mike and Linda and Ivale were in attendance. Linda said that it was excellent. Even mentioned getting a special speaker in to talk to the club about natural diets and natural medicine. More for a winter or fall activity…during the down time. Maybe October/November.. Linda to look into prices and availability of several of the more interesting speakers.
Connie to check hall availabilities…should be fairly open
Next meeting is Wed 17 of June/2009 same place same time!!
If you are interested in posting brags or special items of interest please let the secretary know and they will be placed in the minutes.
Brags:  Let us know if you have anything great to tell us!!!!
Mike and Ivale have their first champion....Ivy finished at the Richmond shows  Congrats!!!
Jen has her first homebred champion:  Jengar's Riff with a Slam finished in just 2 weekends with a Best Puppy in Show and a group 4th to boot!!!  Congrats to co-owner Chelsea Burton and our newest dog show fanatic!!!
In memory:  If you have lost a special dog and want to remember them let us know.


Mountain Cheyenne Marquardt (July 1996-May 2009) - this girl was Jen and Garth's honeymoon dog...she will be greatly missed. 




Jennifer Marquardt
Jengar Golden Retrievers