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Show Meeting            


 March 14th  7:30 p.m. Irving Big Stop


Present:  Connie, Jen, Mike, Colleen, and Sandy


Dean and Scott are going to make at date concerning the assembly of the “potty box” for the show….tentative date is April 6th


We have made contact with Ozzy…he and Karen are good to go for the show in the stewarding department.  Everything under control.


Sandy- is to pick up cheques from Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails- Barb

             And from Kelsey’s – Kim


Connie will pick up Travelodge cheque


Chocolate bar labels are on the way and the chocolate bars are purchased and ready for wrapping.  Thora Brown is allergic to chocolate.


Catering items-

-          Virginia Lynn (judge) likes hot tea at her table while judging.  Jen will bring a carafe to keep at the table

-          Sandy is looking into using paper plates just because it is not really feasible to use own stuff this year….more difficult to keep track of

-          Menu items include. .chili, chicken stew, pecan pie, sandwiches, 2 soups…Yummm

-          We voted and approved a $500 advance to Sandy for catering purchases


Jennifer will be buying hospitality supplies related to coffee….pop… and water


Connie is to email Sandy a list of prizes and contributors so that she can confirm what she has.


Obedience…Mike has schedule pretty much made up and is good to go!!


Jen will do some computer signs for door entrance and obedience (mention noise level)

Also a sign for the draw for the seminar admittance will be make.  Draw will take place Saturday at noon.  Winner to be notified by phone if not present.  Colleen has volunteered to write armband numbers out and prepare them for the draw.  The person drawing the winning number will be Connie


Colleen is to get 2 tables for Paola at CGN testing.  Jen to set up a Paws to Readtm  /TPOC display like last year that will be visible at front table.


Connie has all the rooms booked…Travelodge is aware they need to be flexible

Barb will deliver judges baskets on the Thursday (thanks Barb)


Clean up- Connie has 2 young men lined up for this job.  They are willing to do it voluntarily but we approved a small monetary amount of $50 per day plus lunch is going to be given for such dedication to a truly Crappy jog (lol)  Thanks Tyler and Andrew.


We are still looking for a junior handling judge


Connie spoke to Coby about the ramp for showing large dogs and it is NOT necessary.  C&A also has the wickets available should there be a height dispute.


There are rumours that Bill Taylor may not be able to judge….we have heard nothing official.  A back up judge has been arranged just in case.


Sandy is going to speak to Bob Smith from Home Hardware about setting up an account for the club.  This would make it easier to obtain last minute items for the show etc.  Let Connie know when this has been arranged.


Connie is going to take care of contacting the paper and A-channel and My F.M.


Future items….

Michelle Billings was booked to judge for 2009 and was double booked so we now have her for 2010.

Connie will be fighting for our dates when it is time (go Connie!!!!grrrrr)