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***apparently I forgot to send out the March minutes.  I was quite encouraged that people actually noticed because that means that they are indeed reading them (Yipee).  My apologies as secretary for this.  One good thing about them coming out so late is that they will be fresh in everyone's mind at the April meeting which is next Wednesday April the 21st at the Civic Centre at 7:00.***


Meeting: March 17, 2010
Location: Petawawa Civic Centre
Attendance: Connie, Jen, Bronwyn, Noelle, Jane, Sandy, Dean, Colleen, Trevor
Meeting called to order: 7:20 p.m.
Minutes from last meeting approved by: Jane
Videos returned: Success with one jump and Crate games:

Unfinished Business:

Shirt order has been submitted- should be ready in early April or by the show for sure.
Bursary:nothing to report: send to other board and try a phone call

Mike to get Jen name on seminar for vet: nothing new, Connie to call Linda and see : Dr. Ed Beltran Blair Animal Hospital 613-746-2443
Catherine Lane "The Possible Canine" 819-459-1049


-Dean Dennis contract sent out
statement $300 out for Kim, Plaques cost around 200 and Rankin
-Jill has 2008 for audit, Sandy to get 2009 ready for her

Properties: Mike and Jen checked out shed and did a quick inventory, jumps ok

Public relations:
Radio station: has given support for ad
Paper: sent a request for a story and haven't got anything back yet

Obedience Report:

-Civic centre hall is available from 6:30-9:30 on Monday nights till the show, many people have been coming back to practice
-Rankin -practicing 6:30-7:30 for trial obedience prep 7:30-8:30 Cost is $10 a week- you can just show up- starting next week
-Jane to get her gift with extra money $150 + shirt

-meeting March 7th, everything is under control, clean up crew has been found - Andrew and friend, raise should be given 200 each for the weekend, vote passed
-choc bar fiasco- jen still looking for large choc bars
-letter from Civic centre said we couldn't have upstairs Thursday night, we have fixed the problem
-Set up Thursday off and on, Perhaps Wednesday
-Trophy base is being made out of ash, 3 inches high, plaques need to be ordered- need to know the wording Best in Show/Best Puppy in Show
-wrap up show committee mtg 3:30 after obedience in Rankin
-volunteers for door -email will be sent out
-comfort inn -free rooms and guy will come volunteer

: maybe some agility after Rankin- more details in the future
New Business
-volunteer for the show
-ring stewards are taken care of
Bytown HIT's - bought tickets
-advertisement in the show catalog- need to get in touch with Connie ASAP
Meeting Adjourned: for plaques and cookies


Jennifer Marquardt
Jengar Golden Retrievers