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Date:  June 17th 2009

Location:  Petawawa Civic Centre


Just wanted to say a belated thank you to all the volunteers who helped at our conformation show this past April.   We couldn’t run the show without you.  Every little bit helped make our show a continued success.


Attendance:  Jane Donahue,  Helen Mick,  Chelsea Burton and Morgaine and Abbi, Brenda DeJong , Linda Griffin

Guests: Melanie Down who has an Old English Sheepdog,  Michelle Bugden and has a mixed breed and Chris Pouliot they are interested in maybe doing some rally or agility

Executive:  Jen Marquardt, Connie Johnson


Meeting called to order: at 7:15


Minutes from last meeting approved by Chelsea


Unfinished Business:  Show committee elections were to be tonight and due to poor attendance it looks like the committee will remain the same  unless someone is interested in taking a position

Speakers for dog club:  Linda to look into it


Sanction matches for Rally o – Jane and Sandy need to look into that….. so we can potentially have a trial at the show to help attract attention


Correspondence:  e-mail from LeeAnn asking about dog parks and why we don’t have one  - Petawawa Terrace park is ticketing dogs off leash. Perhaps we could sponsor a garbage can by the entrance

A dog free park – do we want one, does someone want to look into it

Chelsea to ask/research about Dog Free Park.  Chelsea to call and see about can and sponsoring the purchase.

*Publicity – see if they can get a story to let people know about the danger of losing our privileges



Treasurer’s report: Credit card may not be able to get since we are not a corporation, Connie is going to look into it further


Properties:  Not enough people here to vote on the floor.  Scott is on holidays in July 12-25, so he would like to raise the floor then.  Supports have to be put up first… Not going to need a lot of manpower.   Need to get an e-mail approval.  This needs to be done.

We also need to get new locks.


Public Relations: Poop story- -see correpondence


Obedience Report:  Jane says Kim is willing to come back but nothing is set as of yet…

Rally-O practice tentatively set to begin Wed nights starting July 1 – Sandy to get back to us with details.



Conformation:  Diane Edwards has been contacted about being our new show secretary.  Dates approved for 2010, we are up against Sherbrooke.   Ways to get entries – reduce entries for puppies or have a bred by best in show


Agility: Jane checked out that lady, nobody had heard of her, very few qualifications

Nationals are on in Ottawa the long week-end in August – Jane has qualified again.

At the equestrian centre off Moodie Drive


New Business: Summer Party – usually in August (August 19th??) instead of a meeting.  Sandy are you willing to host the party this year???  We are all in favour!!!!  Any ideas please let us know.

Chelsea would like to know if there is interest for some type of handling class?  Maybe once or twice a month just to generate interest- interest in JR. Handling.  If anyone is interested in this type of thing let Connie know….something in the fall .  Connie to ask Chris about maybe doing this


Bronwyn wanted to know if anyone was interested in having a games night maybe in October, where there would be fun activities with your dog?  Little bit of everything..  let Bronwyn know if you are interested

If there is interest we would need to book a location!!


29th of August Cobden – Rally, agility, therapy, meet and greet,  puppies, would be good for pamphlets to be available for that, a race between dogs – announcer we will need someone to talk about what we are doing.   Cards ready ahead of time.  Jen will write the cards and we would need someone to talk (Jane or Brenda)



Meeting adjorned    8:00 p.m.


Next meeting July 15th.

Remember to submit any news or brags to Jen











Jennifer Marquardt
Jengar Golden Retrievers