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Meeting: Champlain Dog Club

Date: July 15th 2009

Location:  Petawawa Civic Centre


Executive:  Jen Marquardt, Sandy Allen,


Attendance:  Melanie Down, Jane Donohue, Mike and Ivale Bown,


Meeting called to order: 7:15 p.m.


Minutes from last meeting approved by :  Ivale


Unfinished Business:


Sandy has phoned CKC twice and not gotten an answer regarding the rally sanction matches…if same as obedience we need 3 sanction matches over a year period and less than 2.  Wondered if since we already have a show if maybe we didn’t need to have all 3.

Sandy is going to continue to speak to the CKC.

Sandy has the application for the sanction match.


Correspondence:  Bill from CKC for 22.00 with S/C from CKC and doesn’t know what it is for.  Connie..any ideas??? 

Walking with our dogs Sept 26th…couldn’t get into website…..FYI  Sandy will see if she can find more information


Dog free park:  Chelsea to look into, Melanie went to Wasaga Beach and saw a “Bark Park” – very small with some stationary agility equipment.  Just another type of park.  Ivale saw some in Florida where dogs were separated by size and type.  Everything double gated.   Just some ideas…..


Treasurer’s report:  No changes…no new cheques have been written…..owes some money to civic centre which will be paid…new member chq received from Melanie.  Connie was to look into credit card again.


Properties:  Do we need to get an ok from the Civic centre to do the work?  An e-mail vote will be sent out….  Get a date from Connie as to when the work is to be done.


Public Relations:   Newspaper article… Jen and Melanie are meeting with the paper on Thursday to promote responsible dog ownership and discuss the Fines at the Petawawa Terrace…


Geo Caching: Melanie to look into that….as a way to promote cleaning up an area where dogs are walked.


Story is coming from the observer….


Obedience Report:

Due to bad weather.. our rally practice…has not officially started   Tomorrow night at Rankin hall  6:30   …..Sandy to e-mail Connie about booking



Conformation:  Nothing to report


Agility:  Marie Spurrell…Jane to give her a call just to see what is up…..


New Business: 

Summer Party: August 19th at Sandy’s house…6:00…club buys the meat and everyone bring potluck..   Rsvp to Sandy by the 15th.  Well behaved spouses and pets are welcome.   Spouses must be on leash…


Jr. Handling :  still check on..e-mail Connie if interested


Don’t forget a games night in October – Bronwyn to take care of that.


29th of August…Cobden fair  - updates??  Jane is meeting with guy 25th of July

  30 minutes to 45 minutes  performance 2 times on Saturday….   10:30 and 1:30

Intro:  everyone tells about dog..

Obedience  2 people end of ring performing a task 

Rally:  same

Agility: same

Tent set up:  so we could stay between rounds….meet and greet..therapy dogs.

Questions and Answer

Connie was to have flyers ready….

Jane to price out a mike:


Need e-mail numbers: what dog and what their dog can do….Contact Jane regarding this..   Can just be a meet and greet so your dog doesn’t need to do stuff.  Get together once to go over the routine.  


New Business:  Nothing….Election ballets will be sent out via e-mail.


Brag:  don’t forget to send brags to us to post…



Meeting adjourned:   8:10  p.m.











Jennifer Marquardt
Jengar Golden Retrievers