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January 27, 2009


Present:  Mike, Sandy, Connie and Jen


-         premium lists are out…entries close March 25th and we have done an early bird closing March 1st.  Sunday is the Rideau Terrier Club booster

-         Change in judges –Letitia Bett is replacing Joseph Pancel (CKC approved)

-         Connie is going to take care of hotels and flights

-         Cheques need to be picked up from Kelseys and Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails – Sandy to pick up – look into online banking for Credit Union (Mike to check)

-         Jordan is doing chocolate bar labels and posters

-         Colleen is doing flowers and booths are pretty much the same

-    hospitality is good to go with Jen

-         Sandy – menu ideas Friday – curried turkey soup, sandwiches, cookies

      Saturday – chilli, buns, leftover sandwiches, soup, rice cream

     Sunday – Roast ham and pasta salad, lemon pie and brownies

Catharine to help??


-         Ring stewards – need to contact Jim Osborne again

-         Connie has one other person

-         Need to contact Karen and Ozzie

-         Pooper scooper – we need ideas – message to members for help

o       Stewards – obedience (3 per trial)

o       Pooper scoopers

o       Door people


-         Catalogue advertising – need to know by beginning of March ($75 full page, $50 for half page, $25 for business card)

-         Show page needs to be updated on the webpage

-         Jr. handling – Connie to sponsor, Graeme Burdon doing a seminar for jrs after BIS on Friday, Pizza and Pop for kids

-         Bob rowbotham judging the Jr handling on Saturday



That’s it for now. Next meeting date still to be determined.