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Meeting: Champlain Dog Club

Date: January 20, 2010

Location: Petawawa Civic Centre

Executive: Jen, Connie, Sandy

Attendance: Jill,, Bronwyn, Brigitte, Linda, Jane, Helen Mick, Mike, Barb, Dean and Colleen, Linda

Welcome to the following new members:  Genevieve Massicotte has a 7 month English Springer Spaniel, Samantha Landry -Boxer , Kystal Johnston  Australian shepherd new member,

Meeting called to order:  7:00 p.m.

Minutes from last meeting approved by :  Barb & Sandy 

Unfinished Business: Santa Claus parade went really well, thanks to all who participated. Thanks to Linda for getting the float and for all her help getting things going.  Expenses were under the 100 dollars budget

Christmas party went off beautifully.  Thanks to Donna and Bronwyn for their hard work and the food was AWESOME!!!  Those who missed it missed a great party!!!

Memberships: If people haven't renewed memberships they will be sent one more message to ask if they intend to renew and then if they don't then they will be removed from the list. Those who are part of Kim's workshop will need to renew for insurance puposes or they won't be able to attend...maybe include the membership cost in the obedience fee for next year.

Correspondence: A letter was received from the CKC  and executive can't be Vice president and secretary:  The only 2 positions that can be combined are secretary and treasurer.   Barb will be a stand in for secretary so that Jen can remain as VP. Jen will still take minutes at meetings.

Treasurerís report:  Thanks Sandy

Income--Obed. classes - Kim Cooper workshop - memberships = $3200.00

                                                                       current Obed. = $1170.00


Bank Balance = $12475.00


O/S cheques - insurance- $480.60

                     mem.trophy -185.00 plus  $37.60 import fees

                     civic hall   - $424.07  ( Sept. to Dec)

                      CKC       -  $70.56  for priority dates

                     Kim Cooper - $300.00

                  Obed. photocopy - $85.30


Audit to do in February  -Jill and Nancy did it last year, Jill to check with Nancy

Properties: nothing to report

Public Relations: e-mail from last year. -AECL- sponsor  check for e-mail sponsor for radio station - Jen to send out

Obedience Report:  attachment - Thanks Jill

Registration for classes, Monday, January 11 , Classes finish February 22

18 dogs registered

5 dogs are taking the class for the second time

(2 as a repeat to practice basic skills and 3 doing a more advanced set of skills)

Bronwyn teaching stays, agility stays and retrieve (advanced group)

Ivale teaching leash walking, heeling and related rally exercises (advanced group)

Sandy teaching recall, Really Reliable Recall TM (advanced group)

Jill teaching Tellington TTouch, tunnel and jump skills (advanced group)

Brigitte is coordinating groups, timing and handouts

Barb is helping with one of the repeat dogs, calming exercises

2 of the 3 advanced group have joined the club

There is practice time available after classes, from 7:45 pm


Feb 22 - do we want to keep the hall afterwards until the show...  Sandy is doing some Rally afterwards- will most likely keep it for members who want to practice.

Conformation:  Connie spoke to Jordon - flyers to come this week-end and wrappers for the chocolate bars There was a show committe mtg after Kim Coopers obedience last time.  Introduce a new trophy to memory of Karen Sculley - base made and plaques on for BIS everyshow and from then on only awarded to owner handlers.  $185 for trophy and 35 for import fees - some sort of table at the show to explain the meaning- where to display the trophy - maybe they could display behind glass. Ozzie will attempt to come to the show to see this support for his dear wife.

Dean inquired and the trailers are set up the same as previous years

Agility: Jane- indoor arena possibility called and didn't hear back - spring maybe getting a class going....Jane is often away trialing.  If we have the practice at Jane's then there is no fence - does insurance cover?  if your dog isn't ready to be off leash then it isn't a good place for it.  That wouldn't be till spring.  We will revisit:

New Business:

Bronwyn has expressed interest in ordering club shirts.  It is cheaper if we order 10 or more- so if we have people who are interested in getting  some- info is already on the website  sign up if interested

Any new instructors get a shirt paid for by the club - Bronwyn

Awards:  Sandy is going to look after the awards this year- plaques  If you aren't familiar with it, there is a plaque for your dog with its name and any titles in 2009 - must be a title. (CGN and therapy dog is ok)

You must submit your info to Sandy - asap because February is rewards night.  Need dog's registered name:  Jane needs a new plaque, Connie needs a new plaque-

 Donations: do we still want to OSPCA- we sponsor a kennel run - Jill can check  $200.00 - vote put forward: Jill put forward a motion for $200 to sponsor a run  seconded by Brigitte - passed by all

Thoughts on sponsoring a bursery:  Motion made by Jill to look into it how it should be set up? Pehaps send a letter to school: to be sent- 500.00  -Both School boards  criteria- would need to be set up. Jen to check at the Board to see if anything is there

Revisit next meeting - no vote yet.

Dog Show -Continue to put up notices- will need helpers- door, clean up -ring stewards for obedience (no experience necessary)

Catering: Bronwyn is going to be taking on the job after Sandy -  Plans are in the works- may need food donations and helpers

Linda- tried to contact vet about vaccination and titres and not vaccinating and allergies,, no luck yet, he got frusterated when he couldn't reach Linda directly.  We don't know who - we are talking about?  Get name?  Nutritionist as well.

Jen- Send a letter to this vet to see if he is interested in coming? get dates and locations

Obedience/videos:  Janice Gunn Video- from puppy right up until utility -potential purchase

How the bow wow/  The really reliable recall/ Sherry Lipman -trick training

thoughts on moving the library to make it more accessible


Meeting adjourned:   8:20


Jennifer Marquardt