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Jan 23/08
Show Committee Meeting #2
7:30 P.M.
Irving Big Stop

Present:  Connie, Dean and Colleen, Mike, Sandy, Jennifer

The premium lists are out.  There was a small error that has since be corrected.

The only judge needing to be picked up at the airport is Virginia Lynn- Scott to do

Sponsors...we need sponsors- need people to get out and get them 
-full page- $75.00
-half page- $50.00
-business card- $30     (Connie- do we need to ask Barb for a message to go to club      members regarding this???)

Colleen spoke to Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails and they are to sponsor the BIS on Friday

Trailers and Booths:  Joyce from Pet Supply House is confirmed
    Purina - yes but no contract yet
    Scissor guy- confirmed
    Bonnie Green
    Royal Canin - Colleen needs to contact them

Hospitality- We will purchase 60 Caramilk bars like last year (Jen to purchase, Connie to take care of labels via her son)
-gifts and extras have been scaled down this year with the thinking that volunteers from the club donít need a big extra!!!
-Colleen to do flowers
-Jen to do Coffee and dougnuts
-Barb to help Jen with Schedules- other to find out other volunteers who might be willing to take a shift on the door

Menu- soup and sandwiches - no trays- simpler this year

Sandy to contact Mike from the Civic Centre to see about serving food downstairs....also to ensure there is Pizza available on the Friday

-Set up and tear down is the same as always

-Obedience  - judges in place
  -one judge to waive fee for Red Friday (name?), needs a room if bad weather, maybe to donate $50.00 to Base Community services, Mike to check out.
  -Mike is looking for 2009 judges...maybe to expand search to along the    border in the US.

-Connie -doing rooms
  -for 2010 we need to wait until mid 2008 to confirm our dates

We NEED PEOPLE FOR CLEAN UP - Monet and her mom did not renew membership and we will need to start fresh...any ideas??????

-Posters continue to distribute

-show stewards are ok according to Ozzie, Jim Osborne to judge Friday and steward Sat, Sun...that is ok

Sandy has stated that during show days she wonít be doing memberships and other club business...just show related stuff..-please and thank you

Jr. Handling- still need judge

Poop boxes-assembly will be done for the show.

Connie to contact Coby about the wickets.

Feb 20th- club meeting 7:00

Next show committee meeting is March 12th at 7:30 at Irving...Dean is buying....tee hee (just kidding to see if you read to the end!!!!!)


Jennifer Marquardt
Jengar Golden Retrievers