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Obedience Instructors


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Jill Kolar

After living with a wonderful mixed breed for many years I began show handling and obedience training with my first purebred dog, a Great Dane, over 40 years ago.

Have shared my home with Danes, Dobes, Whippets, Bull Terrier, Irish Wolfhound, German Shorthaired Pointer and a part time Cairn Terrier.

Achieved more than 20 titles in Obedience, Tracking, Temperament, Rally, Canine Good Citizen, St. John’s Therapy Dog

Over the years have taken and taught training classes in obedience, handling, rally, and agility.

Attended over 70 courses, workshops, conferences and seminars on dogs / training / behaviour related topics.

Trained dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and people.


Professional Member of CAPPDT, APDT, CKC Life Member, Tellington TTouch Guild, Doggone Safe, founding member of CDC

Teaching experience: 29 years Renfrew County District School Board, 25 years Deep River Dog Obedience, 12 years Pembroke Animal Hospital / Pet Learning Centre, have taught classes for the Champlain Dog Club for a number of years at various times since its inception in 1986. Have also taught riding.

Tellington TTouch Practitioner I.

Assess dogs for the Petawawa OSPCA.

Have an active interest in behaviour and how brains work to influence this. Have a well used extensive library of books, videos, CD’s, DVD’s on related subjects.

A more detailed list of qualifications available on request.



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Brigitte King

My first dog was Zoe, a German Shepherd, whom I took to classes in Hamilton.

CD title with an English Springer Spaniel. He was ready for CDX but due to illness could not compete.

First Leg in Novice CARO Rally with present Springer

Have been involved in dog training for more than twelve years, training my own dogs and as a volunteer and paid instructor.

-Volunteer Training Assistant for Wilf Hill, Tail Wagging Depot, Welland Ontario,   for  approx 5 years, all levels of Obedience Training for companion dogs and also for competition.

- Assistant Instructor – Deep River Dog Obedience Club for 3 years

- Assistant Instructor and Class Coordinator for the Champlain Dog Club for 3   years

- Assistant Instructor - Volunteer and Staff – Pembroke Animal Hospital for 4 years.

Completed beginner Agility classes with my present Springer

Continuing Education:

*2007 Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT) Annual Conference, Saskatoon

*Registrar of 2008 CAPPDT Conference in Ottawa, ON

*PABA, Professional Animal Behavior Association, “Successful Canine Behavioral Therapy and Training”, Guelph, Ont.  May 2008

*2009 Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT) Annual Conference, Fredericton, NB

Obedience Trial Table Steward

Ongoing meetings with the Champlain Dog Club training instructors and the Pembroke Animal Hospital, training instructors – to keep developing our training methods and skills and to keep abreast of any new training methods.

Since dog training and understanding of animal behaviour is constantly evolving I feel it is important to keep up with any new information that is available.


Champlain Dog Club, past Vice President, Canadian Kennel Club Member for 11 years, CAPPDT, CARO



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Sandra Allen

Have lived with and trained Bearded Collies for 12 years.

2 CD titles on Bearded Collies

Prepared a Beardie, Sumo for his CDX. Sumo has his CKC Novice, Advanced, and CKC Rally Excellent title and 6 legs toward Advanced Excellent title, CARO Novice, American Novice Rally

2 Beardies with Canadian and American Championships in Conformation

Training instructor with Champlain Dog Club for approximately 5 years

Assist people privately.

Continuing Education:

*Turid Rugaas, Calming Signals, The Language of Peace, 2003

*International Positive Dog Training Association conference, Kitchener, ON 2005

Have attended club seminars and workshops

Camp Dogwould 2001

Obedience Ring Steward


Bearded Collie Club of Canada, CKC Member for 10 years, CDC held positions of Treasurer, Secretary, Show Obedience Chair,



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Ivale Brown

Co habited with pet dogs since 1972.

Presently have 2 Border Collies and a Cairn Terrier.

Student of formal dog training from 1998.

Instructor for Pembroke Animal Hospital since 2007

Instructor for Champlain Dog Club since 2007

Instructor at Camp Dogwould 2009

CARO Novice A, Advanced A, with Border Collies, handled Cairn Terrier to  Conformation Championship, 3 Therapy Dogs with Therapeutic Paws of Canada

Continuing Education:

*2008 CAPPDT Conference

*Kathy Sdao, “Does the Name Pavlov Mean Anything To You?”  2009,




Meanings of Abbreviations used:

CDC                Champlain Dog Club

CAPPDT         Canadian Association of Professional Pet Trainers

CARO             Canadian Rally Obedience

CKC                Canadian Kennel Club

PABA             Professional Animal Behavior Association

CD                  Companion Dog title

CDX               Companion Dog Excellent title

APDT              Association of Pet Dog Trainers


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