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Meeting Feb 18, 2009


Executive: Connie Johnson,  Colleen Szombathelyi, Sandy Allen, Jen Marquardt,

Members:Jane Donohue, Wayne Barnes, Jill Kolar, Barbara Rose, Mike & Ivale Brown,
Dean Szombathelyi, Chelsea Burton,  Brigitte King

Meeting called to order 7:05

Minutes from last meeting approved by Jill

Welcome to new members: Helen Mick who has a Bouvier and Chris Pollen who has springer spaniels and is interested in Shorthairs. Please correct my spelling if I made a mistake.

Welcome to guest Angela Lowe who has a Vizla and 2 whippets.

Unfinished business:

-$250 sent to Band Aid support for breed specific legislation

-library update..some casual conversation about the types of videos we would like to add in terms of agility and various topics. Jill is willing to see what she has or can order according to interest (one jump agility and Sue Garett, Susan Sallow – jump grid) – If you have any ideas for video purchases send suggestions to Jill - set a budget for 2009 of $400.00 Sandy motioned and Chelsea seconded – unanimous -perhaps from different types of disciplines should be represented


-notice from Civic Centre about rental of the hall for the 2009 show. Was $1700.00 now $1834.00. We have from Thursday till Sunday at 4:00 upstairs , given to Sandy. Payment will need to be made by show time.

-for April’s meeting our room at Civic Centre is not available and Sandy’s house is available – will let you know where the meeting will be held

Treasurer’s report

-$12 500.00 in the account with a few outstanding things still to come out, $1040.00 received from obedience and over $500 from shirts and memberships. And handling class over $500.

-Visa is not ready yet and neither are the books but Sandy is looking into it

-can we buy a plastic bucket to store our financial records - old records would be interesting to compare show data and stuff, look into the cost of having old financial records pulled to see??

-we have banking records to view online – perhaps we can bank online as well???


-nothing to report

-shed is frozen and we can’t access at the moment

-Connie is to look into the frozen door


-handling seminar – 16 registrants right now, trying to keep numbers to 20-25 for that personal touch, still a few spots March 14th

at the Rankin Community Centre - $50 for members and $75 for non members per handler and you can work more than one dog

-judge has been replaced Leita Bett for Fred Pancel

-Civic Centre will be available for practice up until the show for people from 6:00 until 9:00 Current obedience classes have several more weeks and you can use it right now from 7:30 till 9:00 and after 2 weeks it will be available for the entire duration

-Jordan made us some nice flyers for the show so if anyone can take a few to send out. And let Connie know where you have put them up so that we can have a master list for future years


-Jane was to look into setting something up. She has only had a very few people interested. Another all call to those who are interested. We were looking into something over time similar to Kim Cooper. If you are interested in learning something in agility over the summer please let Jane know via e-mail

-other option would be a one day clinic or regular set up for members that might just want to work their dogs.

Ongoing business

-club demo at the Cobden fair still the end of August, into the fair for free, 29th of August. get any interested members – we are already confirmed for 2 one hour session on the member. If you are interested in helping with this demo please let Jane know. We hope to have dogs there for a meet and greet, agility, obedience, therapy dogs and any other ideas would be welcome. Our club can have some sort of booth

-any club members interested in getting a piece of clothing from the CDC courtesy of Jordan should e-mail Connie ASAP


-the classes are going well, sent out evaluations week 4 and have 2 weeks remaining

-no more classes until the fall (September)

-Kelly will be leaving so we are losing an instructor , current instructors are Sandy, Ivale, Jill, Barb, Jill

-Kim Cooper’s classes (16 members participated) going really well, everyone is very pleased and many people are getting lots out of it – motion be made, that cost for next session be reduced by having the club subsidize half the cost to any club member not to exceed $100.00 (motion passed). We might not be able to book Kim until August as she won't know her schedule that far in advance

Public Relations: Article for the show? Ask them to come to the handling seminar to cover A channel and Newspaper. Jen to do that.

New Business:

-future goals –WINNEBEGO (just kidding but we can dream can't we???)

-humane society have been working on disaster plans – Jill has information for this that would also be applicable for pet owners, something to think about for a responsible pet owner - Jill to put together something maybe in the form of a handout or a small presentation? Or maybe something for the website.

Adjourn meeting at 8:15p.m.  Any errors or ommissions please contact Jen.  Sorry about the different fonts...not sure why that happened


Jennifer Marquardt
Jengar Golden Retrievers