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Meeting Wednesday April 15th, 2009

Rankin Community Centre



Executive: Connie and Sandy and Colleen and Jen


Bronwyn, Jane, Barb, Scott, Chelsea, Mike, Wayne,


Kristin and daughter Erica joined us as well.


Meeting called to order 7:05

Minutes from last meeting approved by Sandy


Unfinished Business:

There are some new videos to add to our collection.  One \Jump, Greg Derrick – Agility foundations, Control on Leash


Reminder: Cobden Fair – August Last week-end we have a booth and demo.


Correspondence:  Nothing to report


Treasurer’s report:  We made $1000.00…way down from last year but at least we didn’t lose  - Entries down 1200, catering down 25.00, Travelodge up by 200.00. 

C&A – about the same costs. Ribbons down $300.00. 

Visa:  nothing to report, bins haven’t been gotten yet.


Properties: Dean had mentioned that he no longer was interested in maintaining properties.  Connie has volunteered Scott who has graciously accepted.  He has lots of great ideas – get estimates on raising floor on the shed to present at the next meeting.  We will need help with that.

Civic centre has been throwing stuff into the shed.  We are going to change locks and have new keys to avoid that.  Subfloor?  Not sure about that?  We need to get some extra support for that floor.

Jumps may need to be painted but not until next spring says Mike concerning obedience


Public Relations: The paper covered the handling seminar and was also in attendance at the show.  Good all around publicity, need binder with sleeves to record all the  newspaper articles – Jen to look into that….


Obedience Report:  Rally  - need to have 2 sanction matches at least 90 days apart.. for CKC.  One trial with one judge.  Probably an official judge….Connie to check into that.

Sandy and Jane are interested in trying to get this going and will look into this further.  Maybe November and February????  Check into ring size?  Erin would also help.

Connie will look into possible dates at the Rankin Hall


Mary Spurrel – teaches agility, may be willing to come up and do agility classes with the club, $90 for 8 weeks, we need to find out how she trains and where she trials.

Maybe we could set up a clinic to see what she is like

Want to make sure there is enough club interest   - Not sure who is looking into this????



Conformation:  show is over for another year, things we need tablecloths, Velcro ties,

Sandy is retiring from catering – we need some ideas,

C&A services has retired as well. – DESS has said they would take over but Connie needs to look over the contract

Bins are needed for ribbons

Inventory should be taken before next year

Working on 2010 judges –

June is our show committee elections – start thinking about whether or not you are interested in helping out

Notice:  if anyone is interested in learning more about conformation ring stewarding Jim Osbourne is willing to do a seminar – let Connie know


New Business:  Jordon has agreed to design and print out club design flyers..if you have anything you feel should be included then please e-mail Connie to let her know.  Jordon will make some samples to show us.


Booths – Peter and Joyce, didn’t want any other vendors there,   We need to look into getting more vendors,  more variety,   Treasure coast is a possibility.


If any club members want to do Rally let Sandy know,   We could arrange some sort of classes in the next little while.  Not Mondays.  Jane would help.

Chelsea, Scott, Wayne and Jane are interested.


Meeting adjorned





Jennifer Marquardt
Jengar Golden Retrievers